Why We Need a Sailboat

The idea of a boat always sounds like such a good idea, because you only consider what you like about it.  Here’s my list of why we need a sailboat:

  • Because moving silently through the water without lifting a finger is magical.  When you’re coasting along in a nice breeze, nothing else in your “real” life matters.  You are a moving island and adventure is everywhere.  What matters is keeping the boat moving swiftly and finding the next puff.
  • Because when you’re sitting on the rail with two small boys and the wind is blowing through your hair, you all feel the same- you’re stoked on the teamwork and the good vibe of being free (and on the distinct possibility that you might end up dumped in the water).
  • Because sailing builds confidence, skill, and character in small boys which translates into so much more, later in life.

Being practical, here’s why a sailboat ain’t such a good idea:

  • Because at best, it gets used three times a month and the rest of the time it blocks up the driveway and collects water, leaves, and moss.
  • Because the darn things costs as much as half a year of college.
  • Because the last thing the world needs is another big piece of plastic or plywood and all the stuff a boat entails.
  • Because a rowboat (which you already own) is so much simpler, even if only some of the family can go out in it.  Did I mention rigging, trailering, and launching?
  • Because what do you really “need” anyway?  That money could be donated to a really good cause instead.

One thought on “Why We Need a Sailboat

  1. I see you rented a Beetle Cat at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. I used to do that all the time. I haven’t been there in years, because when I am in Seattle, I either have a regatta at Shilshole or some family engagement. The Beetle Cat is a very civilized boat.

    In your list of advantages, you didn’t mention competition. That’s what I like about sailing.

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