Who Are You?

I’ve always compulsively written, even when I had no known audience.  For years I published zines about skateboarding, music, and adventures, but once they were out of my hands, I had no idea if people ever looked at them again.

As a known technology avoider, I started this blog in part as an experiment just to see how hard it was and to feel somewhat like I’m a part of the 21st century.  I also intended to use this as a place to post pictures and stories about the construction of my boat, without boring my friends to death.  They could check in when and if they felt like it.

One unexpected, wonderfully nerdy, and motivational feature of this blogging software is that it has a stats function which shows you how many people visit the site each day and what they look at.  I am completely unsure if it is accurate, nevertheless I check it almost daily!

So dear readers, help me understand the truth of the matter.  If you’ve read this post, leave me a comment- I won’t post them, but I am curious.  Let me know who you are.  Did 20 of you really check in one day last week?


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