Old News

The older I get, the more I like things that are designed and function well for a specific purpose.  I prefer to think that those things with an elegant simplicity will ultimately triumph over fads and complex arrangements. Case in point:  the boat above is from around 1887 (by the Victorian photographer PH Emerson) and looks a heck of a lot like the boat I’ve been putting together.

Then I look at around at what else is out on the river these days and wonder if I’ve just dredged up some historical fad that is really past its prime.  Given all the hours I’ve spent on it, I sure hope not.

Launch date:  August 12.  Watch out river hogs!


One thought on “Old News

  1. I spent a good chunk of the day today in view of the Willamette River. Didn’t see many double masted lapstrake craft cruising around out there. I am looking forward to the day when I do see it though.

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