Heading North?

If there were no car dealers and people had to buy every nut, bolt, dial, and belt, sew every seat, and install their own tires, almost nobody would own a car.

Every step along the way I’ve learned more and more about materials, how boats are built, and how all the parts fit together.  (Some of my discoveries are on my new Nerdy Stuff page)  Right now I’m feeling honest enough to say that I’m ready to just get sailing.  Rigging in the street is good fun, but I’m yearning to be on the water.

While some people seem to relish the building process, I’m much more interested in the sailing process.  I’ve got plans to sail to Pt. Townsend in September and I’m starting to get nervous about going in a boat that I don’t know real well.

I did dunk the boat the other day to see how the oars sit and was delighted to find that an 18 foot boat rows quite nicely and turns impressively smoothly.

My point: Sunday, September 23 is the official debutant boat ball down at the river.  Whether we row or sail, there will be a boat that you can ride in!  (If I made this claim for August, I was losing my mind- now I’ve lost it, trust me.)  With any luck, it will be done well before then…


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