The Wealthiest Generation Ever

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There’s no doubt in my mind: everyone I know leads a rich life.  We’re all well fed, have some kind of medical care, and generally have leisure time to spare. Still, I don’t consider most of these folks “rich” in the traditional sense.  Nobody uses dollar bills to light their cigars, nor do my friends own private jets. Yet recently, when I heard someone assert that we are the wealthiest generation ever, I found myself agreeing. If you’re reading this at your home computer, you’ve probably got disposable income you’re spending this year on skiing, boats, fancy bikes, a trip to a tropical locale, a white linen restaurant, etc.

 The wealthiest generation. The phrase gives me the same feeling as a scrape on the skin: perhaps there’s no blood, but every sensation in that spot is hypersensitive.  The feeling in this case however, didn’t make me feel guilty.  It made me feel responsible.   I’ve been working for years to gradually donate 10% of my income to non-profits.

And now readers, I’m challenging you to do the same.  How will you start?


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