Sea Swap

carving 4

Summer wandering keeps coming into my mind even though January is barely past.  I’ve been reliving those warm days, at a glacial pace, through a series of linocuts I’ve been carving sporadically since I got home from a trip two years ago. 

A linocut is a form of block printing- sort of a giant rubber stamp.  You can make as many prints of a piece as you wish.  Creating one takes a paradigm shift from regular drawing because you need make the graphics and text in a mirror image of what you want to see on the paper, then you carve away all the white space, leaving only the dark bits you want to remain.


The current project tells the tale of a solo rowing trip from Olympia to Vashon Island, Washington.

I love trading tales and the general idea of bartering for goods or skills.  I’m making a handful of prints.  Who’s up for a swap?


3 thoughts on “Sea Swap

  1. A very cool project! My local city art museum has a print making exhibit running till mid March. I believe they had several examples of this type of work when my family and I were in there on Saturday.

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