Aliens vs. Sailors and other news

bruce mike at wbf
Mike and Bruce chat it up at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival last weekend. Photo by Tim Yeadon.

Adventures are one of the great things about summer and this year my cup overflowed with saltwater travels around the Salish Sea ranging from Olympia, Washington to the Gulf Islands in Canada.  There are a lot of stories in the hopper, but few are ready for prime time.  The first of two tales on a spring sail and oar adventure in the San Juan Islands was published this week over at Three Sheets NorthwestClick here to read it.  A second, related story will appear in these pages in the next few weeks, followed by a rowing tale involving orcas in Olympia later in the fall.  And man am I itching to tell you the story of how another Arctic Tern boat ended up in Portland this week, but that will have to wait.

Got story ideas or questions?  Drop me a line at at


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