Fun Boat Manifesto

fun boat big big1

Get out on the water in whatever craft you can muster.

Take your sail and oar boat, or sail and motor, your paddle boat, powerboat, mirage drive, canoe or kayak, and get out there this summer.  Bring your five shirtless, burly buddies and one bikini-clad woman.  Drive your pontoon party boat down to the river.  Cruise to a marina, camp cruise or just come out for the day.

But get out there.    

fun boat sail1

When the sun goes away and the nine months of drizzle begin, feel the south wind on your face; experience the fetch and cat’s paws splashing on your hull.  Come out in January, wait for the sun to melt ice off the docks. Ignore the fear that your fingers will be permanently molded to the shape of your fishing pole’s handle.  Don your foulies and steer through the murky waters, avoiding logs and eddies if you can.

But get out there.

fun boat metal1

Experience the joy of blinding spring sunshine, snow, and rain, all in the course of an hour.  See the first new leaves emerge on an island.  Sail until dusk without fear of freezing to death.  Captain your four story motor yacht.

But get out there.

fun big boat

Take your jet sled.  Take your steam engine powered launch.  Take your rowing shell.  Take your made-in-a-day plywood boat.  Take that kid who always stares longingly as you pull your boat out of the garage.

But get out there.

fun boat SMALL1

Try out a different vessel.  Blast Balkan horn tunes instead of Eminem.  Use the emergency paddle in place of the engine.

But get out there.

fun boat rowing1

And when you do, have fun.  Remember the other guy.  If your fun spoils his fun, go the other way.

Get out there.

fun boat fiber1


  1. Hi Bruce,

    It’s Gerry (we share this account). Nice entry, and a nice tip o’ the hat (or should I say beret?) to Monsieur Baudelaire…

    On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 7:26 PM, Terrapin Tales

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