Salt Spring Island Travels

mt maxwell

Summer is gone, but my travel sketch book keeps bringing the good times back.  My wife and I spent a glorious week exploring Salt Spring Island, west of Vancouver, British Columbia.  If you climb way to the top of Mt Maxwell, you can see the American San Juan Islands (left side of illustration above) and a bunch of interesting boats moored in Burgoyne Bay (to the right).  We headed down there with our guideboat, Terrapin, and found things weren’t quite what they seemed.  Cruise over to Three Sheets Northwest to find out what we discovered.


  1. Love it… “Draw the boat, but make it fast, buster.” At least it was daylight (presumably). Imagine how creepy it would be at night in a fog.

  2. ha ha ha funny story. we made elderberry bows , hung out with yogic hippies and heard about a good peyote roadman on the island many years ago there on salt spring. i remember drinking watery piss in the shallow end of the swimmin lake also and turning green. what great memories! go Bateau!!!

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