Getting Out

Zach grinds coffee beans.
Zach grinds coffee beans.

My friends and I like to get outdoors no matter the weather.  And do we need excuses to do so?  You bet.  Me, I like to sketch.   Some of my buddies use the Sunrise Coffee Club as their ruse.  If you like to bike to interesting locations, make then drink coffee, you may already be a member.

building bridges small
Sketched from my guideboat.

Find your ploy: get in your boat, walk, botanize, toss a frisbee, but get out there.  You must be present to win!


2 thoughts on “Getting Out

  1. Hi Bruce
    Worlds colliding…I am an avid cyclist and also a sailor. I like to look at cycling and sailing blogs for fun. I have seen sunrise coffee club references on some cycling sites and now I see a reference to it on a sailing site…Whats next a Sunrise Sailing Coffee Club? Thanks for sharing. Love the blog


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