Anybody Can Draw

building bridges small The perspective is wrong. All the people look the same. It’s too busy. There’s a smudge. There’s always something wrong with my sketches and I like them just fine that way. Drawing is fun and challenging. Every time I pick up a pen I have a chance to set something on paper better than I did the last time.

skatepark 1Like singing, too many of us were told at an early age that we couldn’t draw; so we stopped. We admired the boy who could draw horses or the girl whose Martian landscapes carried away our imaginations. At some point, we felt that we could never be that good, so we didn’t try. Our budding skills atrophied and we became embarrassed to draw, let alone show what we created with other people.

Another's sketcher's portrait of yours  truly.
Another’s sketcher’s portrait of yours truly.
And yet another sketch by a different person. Can you pick me out of the line up?
Can you pick me out of the line up?
sketch gathering
An assortment of goodness at the Urban Sketchers West Coast gathering last summer.

The thing is, most of us can draw. We just need to practice. The more you draw, the better you get. Pick up a pencil and try, then try again. I’ve found that drawing from real life is much easier than drawing from memory. Get a good eraser (not the one that comes with the pencil) and grant yourself the gift to use it liberally.

Draw like crazy. Repeat.


4 thoughts on “Anybody Can Draw

  1. It is great to see the world through another person’s drawings, but much harder to put my own perspective on paper (even though I once had that ability). It feels sketchy at best. It’s good to have a reminder to put pencil to paper.

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