Columbia Notes: The Lowlands

kim mizzen tongue

Kim and I have just completed a three mile passage near Astoria where we sailed up river, against the tide. We got into waves. Big waves. We got scared. We made some mistakes.

When I pull into calmer water, I pause and wonder how bad it really was. For the first time ever, I regret not having a GoPro camera on my boat to see if what I experienced was really as dramatic as what I felt.

But looking back on it now, I’m glad the only record is the one written in my mind. It won’t get any better than that- unless Kim and I talk about it; then it becomes legendary.


  1. And, that’s how we learn. Glad you had only a scare. As to how the event would look on video depends so much on the camera’s height above the water, and its stability with the horizon. It’s quite difficult, in my opinion, to know from a video just how the conditions were, especially when filmed from a small craft. Much easier to assess, if you have footage of your entire boat, as taken from land or another vessel. Thanks for the new Tale.

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