On Board


Men are dumb enough to try things that women often wouldn’t. Load two kids on a regular bike, grab some groceries, and go to the park: no problem. No helmet, no child seat: no problem.

One true sign of success in Amsterdam is that women do the same thing. When you’ve created a system where women and children feel safe, where riding a bike doesn’t feel like a risk, you’ve earned a winning score on the bike-o-meter.


I stayed across the street from a school and my whole family enjoyed watching the different transportation strategies families employed to get there.

amster school
How many different modes of transport can you see here?

A friend once said that when the only tool you have is a hammer, the whole world starts to look like a nail. When the only transportation option you have is a car, you may be tempted to drive everywhere.

Reminds me of riding in the trunk of a station wagon.

But the combination of thoughtful facilities, functional bikes, and an accepting attitude encourage all sort of people to feel safe cycling (or riding a train, walking, or using a bus).

I love the way comfort is worked into the function of these bikes. Notice the wind shield and skirt for the baby seat in the front.

I can’t wait for women and children to be on board, riding the streets of America too.



5 thoughts on “On Board

    1. That’s for sure, though we’re making some progress here in Portland, New York, and Minneapolis to name a few places. And this is the end of the series for now. Back to boats, food, and other adventures next!

  1. Port Townsend area, mostly. I already built a Welsford Rogue that I have been rowing and camp cruising in, but there are some spots I’d like to be able to launch that don’t have boat ramps and also I would love to be less dependant on gasoline to get to the water. Also during fishing season there is a huge line at the launch ramp. it would be nice to bypass that!
    I’m thinking laminated spruce or cedar frames with cedar stringers and a 2 inch or so keel down the center outside the skin so I can put a little sprit sail on it and not just sail straight downwind. Mostly a row boat though. A spot at each end for an oar for sculling or steering and an open space on the floorboards big enough to lay out a sleeping bag…The dream goes on!

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