Columbia on My Mind

13 boys and boat

The Lower Columbia River has been getting a slow, but sure grip on my imagination lately and I find myself wanting to explore it more and more. A combination of good wind, big water, few boats, fewer yahoos, some interesting, but not too busy towns, and a quiet backwater to explore or spend the night are the components of my ideal cruising grounds. Throw in the challenge of tides and currents as well as close proximity to my house and the Columbia is where you’ll find me.

Small Craft Advisor Cover

With the winter coming, the current will rise beyond the abilities of my boat and I’ll be back on “Lake” Willamette. I hope that you’ll ride the tide of excitement and cruise along in spirit with me now, but come out for a real sail next year:

  1. The latest issue of Small Craft Advisor has a story I penned about sailing up the Columbia from Astoria to Portland. It’s on real paper- get it at store near you.
  2. Read about my thoughts on river ships.
  3. Explore the lower islands here.
  4. Take a journey to Caterpillar Island.

5 thoughts on “Columbia on My Mind

  1. While sailing the Columbia in winter may be less than ideal, there is nothing quite as beautiful as paddling (or perhaps rowing) a backwater slough in February. Just don’t wear a duck shaped hat in some places.

    I miss the perfect reflection days where everything is still and the water and sky mirror each other. This is a good reminder to create opportunities to get back out on the water.

  2. Your’s was the first article I read when the latest issue of SCA arrived at my house earlier this week – nicely done!

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