Terrapin Tales is Dead, Long Live Terrapin Tales


Things here at Terrapin Tales HQ are pretty sad right now. There’s been a death in the family, our internet connection quit, then my hard drive failed and five years worth of photos disappeared in an instant. Don’t ask me why they weren’t backed up.  

So, I’m going to take a little break, regroup, then come back with a few changes to the site. One is that I’m intending to put more of my art up here instead of pictures. How many photos of boats can you people look at? Two is that there may be some more provocative writing. Three is that I’d prefer to have a more complex layout or magazine style “issue” with several articles at once.

So help out a mourning man- take the Terrapin Tales Survey and let me know what you’d like to see more of. Thanks. -Bruce


7 thoughts on “Terrapin Tales is Dead, Long Live Terrapin Tales

  1. Sorry to hear that Bruce. Tough times indeed. Take time to let your mind wander and remember to put effort into noticing the little things. Bend your bike commute to include coasting through the cherry blossom tunnel at Waterfront Park. Read a few pages in a book you’ve been meaning to read and not worry about the task of finishing it. Next week, after the time change, add some quiet moments to your commute home. Look forward to another sail like we had up at Rooster Rock.

  2. My condolences on a number of fronts. That’s a lot of loss in a short span of time. Take care of yourself and your family. I’ll look forward to the next iteration and more of your art, but mourn the loss of your photos (which are often art).

  3. Bummer. I can only say photos are still fabulous in your mind (and have better color), and people can still be enjoyed when they are not there. Years after I still have a picture burnished into my mind of a rowing silhouette projected off mirror like water onto a passing wall. Besides aren’t you the guy who was encouraging us all to pick up a paper and pen instead of a camera as a way to better retain memories? I might have mentioned salt water as a cure all but….. Looking forward to whatever you do.

      1. Pfff, easy: Put the car outside, where cars belong, of course. How cars have secured ownership to valuable roofed spaces, I will never, ever know.

        Speaking of one more boat, how’s your new one coming along? I know you’ve been thinking about it all winter and you’ve got great watery designs in your head and you’re about to buy plans! AMIRITE? It’s time, this new boat is calling you!

        I’m going to take the survey and I’m certainly looking forward to more of your writing and adventures on this awesome blog that I visit often. I hope you keep it up.

        Good luck to you, and all that.

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