Must be present to win…

Version 2He said it wasn’t his favorite father-son trip ever, but I can’t think of a moment Merry didn’t enjoy it. There was the pleasantly difficult choice of what treat to get at the Bread Peddler. Great consideration was given to the buttery, rich coffee cake, flaky pastries were eyed, but in the end, a chocolate chip cookie “not quite as big as my head” was chosen and summarily dispatched with much lip licking.  He won’t admit it, but I think he even enjoyed the long row over glassy waters on our first day out.

south sound - 2

For the South Salish Sea, it was warm, even hot, but pulling up on a deserted beach we didn’t care about the temperature. There was exploring to do, unspoiled shores to admire, and stick bread to be made. Our friends Andy and Tim seemed to like the place as much as we did.

As sunset approached, I turned on the weather radio. Part of me hoped the air would stay still and warm. It made anchoring and shore exploring easier and it was a pleasant change from spring drizzle. The other part of me hoped that come morning, we’d have a nice breeze.

The forecast said that a strong wind would arrive within an hour; looking at the sky, it was hard to believe. But just as it got dark, our boats got blown about on the open beach, so we gathered the gear we’d hauled ashore and ran for cover.

Tim, with a heavier boat and good seamanship, managed to thread the needle, sailing between a nearby island and the shore, settling safely in the lee. It was too windy for Andy or I to make it, so we dropped anchor in the quietest place we could find. It was a rolly night.

south sound - 8
Satisfaction is fresh coffee and a deserted island to drink it on.

Come morning, it was calm again, but a pleasant breeze was growing.

Version 3
We visited several lesser-known public shores.
south sound - 9
And saw one of the few shoreline homes that blends in with the landscape well. They must be Canadians.

south sound - 13

We spent the last night in a quiet bay. Bioluminescent plankton surrounded us. Come morning, there was enough wind to sail away from the anchorage without using the oars.

The wind was so good on the way home that we sailed nearly six miles without tacking. What’s not to enjoy about that?

south sound - 16


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