Why I Draw


I used to doodle compulsively, especially during meetings. I followed the mantra of many sketchers: the more you draw, the better you’ll be at it. And to a degree, I think that’s true. But I don’t draw just to get good. I draw because…  sketching-7

I love to capture the details. Its fun to get the little bits.


The shape of boats is irresistible, especially compared to land-based objects. And what the heck, if I’m going to draw the boat, it needs some context.

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There’s always a chance that I’ll learn to draw people better. (That hasn’t really happened yet, but I have found that cutting their heads off makes them look better.)


I can process the image immediately. No computer, no negatives, nothing to lose, except for the notebook. In five years of sketching I’ve only had a notebook get doused with water, but not lost.

And last of all, I enjoy the abstractions I can create by selectively editing out the background.

Why do you draw? If not, when are you getting started?


6 thoughts on “Why I Draw

  1. I watch my daughter narrate her life and imagination through drawing and ask myself when I will start drawing again. It takes a kind of discipline to slow down enough to take the time to sketch something. For now I will content myself with capturing moments of light a color with my camera. Keep sharing. Perhaps you will inspire some of us to become reaquainted with our sketch pads.

  2. There’s a peacefulness to sketching that you don’t get with a camera. In the moment and later. You have to slow down and study the subject with more than just a passing nod.

    Keep at it, my friend.

  3. I go through phases of drawing, and this year I’ve found drawing buildings really enjoyable too. I try boats but I always always get them wrong one way or another – too much perspective and movement!

  4. You have great drawings
    master Bruce
    They are succinct and full of funny emotions
    They have a dream filled sketchiness that is like your pool carves and bagel smiles
    If you continue to let your hair grow and keep that pen and notepad with you it is likely to lead to the implosion of all western civilization
    Good luck
    If you want to draw people well you ought to go to a strip bar or art studio with naked models then you can get the proportions right and focus your mind on the details

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