Flagging Interest

Photos courtesy of Trevor at http://trevor-whatever.blogspot.com/

The editors stand firm regarding pirate flags. But our feet are planted on quicksand. We don’t like pirate flags, but we’re reasonable people here at Terrapin Tales and appreciate the sentiment that several readers contacted us about.  14445177_10210536847360136_1032202541723369120_o

Trevor of the midwest blog, Eh Whatever, wrote, “What if? Say, you’re relatively impoverished, you sewed the sucker yourself and you sail a boat that is even tippier than it is small and unrecoverable?  I was thinking there might be some grey area there.”

Further he included photos of a charming, homemade pirate flag.

If yours is in the spirit of Trevor’s, we say, let the sucker fly.


Keith went so far as to share a design for the Hooligans flag he sketched up. Hooligans could replace pirate flags as a focal point for adventure and mischief on the high seas.

hooligans-burgee-designKeith and I both wondered about Mr. Mallard’s query, “So with the cunning use of a flag do you think we can inspire a fleet of adventures? I see small flags planted all over, proclaiming this beach claimed in the name of….? Sail and Oar League? Huck Finn Adventurers? Bob?”

We all know that in many places sailing clubs are lagging in membership, however I still hold out hope that with the right motivation (and maybe the right flag), people would turn up. Keith seems optimistic, but still notes, “People are just too darn busy these days and have too many other entertainment options. If we got rid of organized sports on and off screens then maybe people would spend more time outdoors, with others. There certainly is a “dark” side to the digital revolution.”

The editors don’t hold a greater chance than a plastic sword in a shoot out of getting rid of organized sports, but flags and our own brand of internet marauding are well within our reach.

Be warned water lovers, shore dwellers, and lapsed sailors. We still advocate for losin the pirate flag, but fly something worth rallying behind and we’ll sail with you.


One thought on “Flagging Interest

  1. I guess I’m pretty lucky out here in the fly-overs that the pirate flag thing hasn’t gripped the mega-huge-plastic-motorcruiser crowd too heavily. Not even the cigarette boat midlife crisis guys. I’ve never actually seen another one on a boat where I live in SW Missouri.

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