Light Up the Night


As a daily bike commuter, I work hard to be noticed by cars. It seems that even with my dorky reflector vest and light system, cars still don’t notice me; it’s scary. If that’s the case, I began to wonder why so many bikers don’t use lights at night…

So one night, on my way home from work I started asking.slide02

I didn’t believe some people. Especially the guy who I pass almost every morning.


And I simply didn’t understand others.


No one will be surprised that the most common response to my nosy, intrusive, and snobby question was the one below.


But for some reason, I kept asking.


This particular person was wearing all black clothes and lacked a helmet.


I really should have stopped, but I couldn’t help myself.


After that, I stopped asking. I still wonder, but now I just ride along in silence.



  1. Fine of you, another way of responding! Keep the faith. One way some folks see it, it helps the gene pool. But on the other side it drains the health economy. I don’t ride at night anymore and if I did, I have lights, a vote for some folks who get it. After dealing with the Social Security folks, one real flamer was followed by someone who listened and actually gave me useful information!

  2. Most cyclists in my area, passing interest or seriously addicted, ride helmeted and lit up during the dark hours. The ones that don’t are often hipster college kids or old drunks that have lost their drivers license and ride bikes of suspect origin and procurement.

    Keep asking. That’s how I became responsible. Some people I began riding with hassled me into pulling my head from my rear.

  3. I once was asking a friend about the no lights and no helmet thing. There was a push in town some years back to make it illegal to ride without a helmet and it seems, after it failed, that there is now a backlash of people against helmets. My friend told me one black night he felt a woosh go by inches away and realized he had almost been hit by another cyclist without lights!

    All the best, Scott

    1. I guess I didn’t make it very clear in my comment that my friend was riding his own bike with no lights or helmet when he almost go hit by another unlit cyclist!
      All the best, Scott

  4. Confronting people on any level will only produce conflict. Everyone’s responsibility is to do the best they can, which includes spotting ninga cyclists in the dark. Watch out carefully for yourself, with your own survival in mind.

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