Party Time

crows - 1.jpg

The party is almost over. Since late fall, there’s been a raucous gathering each night in downtown Portland… and man is it loud. Come daylight, the sidewalks are a mess, the revelers are starting to disperse, and for us early risers who experience the aftermath, it’s not a pretty scene. 

crows - 3.jpg

There’s not really a solution to the problem however, since the revelers are crows. Each evening around dusk from late fall to mid-spring, crows from across the city gather in the tree tops of downtown Portland. They hop around, they make noise, and poop a lot. For some reason, they seem to congregate in the places with the most people- maybe it has something to do with scavenging French fries. In any case, there are thousands of crows each evening lining the city streets and there are only two ways to look at them: amusing creatures or loathsome vermin.

If you have to bike through their gauntlet, clean the sidewalks, or wait for the bus beneath their roosts and avoid their aerial bombardment, you may be inclined to take the later perspective.

Although an avid biker, I find the crows amusing. They seem to have an ideal life: they fly everywhere, hop on the ground for fun, eat almost anything, and then get together with their friends each night, making the best of the dark, rainy season. Come summer, they spend the long, dry days enjoying the company of a member of the opposite sex and mate. Once their chicks fledge, they go back to hanging out with their friends, doing pretty much whatever they want, wherever they want.

Seems like a pretty good party to me.


  1. I share your observation of the extremes with which we can regard our black feathered friends. You appreciate, I’m sure, that the earliest people in the PNW venerated the raven, a larger look alike to the crow, but I happen to think that they too saw the crow as special, like a 3/4 scale raven with more pals. So far, I have reason to only admire their intelligence and great society, but then none of them has pooped on me yet. Your posts have been instrumental in getting me back on a bike, so thanks also for that – I’m 8 again! Regards, Lawrence

  2. I appreciate the raven review. Coming from you, it is art felt. Bruce is also a bird of this feather (even if he sometimes refrains from demonstrating his skills).

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