ants - 1

When I see them, I’m supposed to freak out. Yell. Curse. Smash them. Spray insecticide.

Don’t tell my wife, but when I notice ants crawling across our counter, I admire them.  ants - 3

Here’s my top five reasons that ants are cool:

  1. Ants look cool, especially under magnification. Giant jaws, hairy in weird ways, robot-like in limb. If they had soft flesh, I bet they’d smile.
  2. Ants use things that people would throw away. They are the ultimate foragers.
  3. Ants are diligent workers, always organized, cooperative, and dedicated to the cause of getting good food.
  4. Ants can carry many times their own weight and that sure is fun to watch.
  5. Ants are persistent to a fault. They just keep coming back no matter what we do to them. Someday the ants will rule the earth (if they don’t already).

ants - 2

I bow down to you, Mighty Ants!