Messing About with Merry

messing about - 6

It can be hard to get a teenager out of the house at times, but when you do, the results can be quite good. Case in point: When the Columbia was roaring along during the spring freshet I convinced Merry to come mess about in the backwaters of Smith and Bybee Wetlands.  

Since the wetlands only have a little trail leading down to the water, Row Bird and her heavy trailer were out. So somehow, we had to get Terrapin and Porpoise into our modestly sized car. With some elbow grease and a little creative rope work, we felt things were safe enough.

messing about - 1

Miraculously, we arrived with no incidents. We’d never seen the trail under so much water, but when your craft floats in a few inches of it, that’s no problem. We rolled the boats on my super cart, then dragged them the first few feet through the flooded forest.

messing about - 2

After that we did some slalom work between the trees. Before long, we were out on the open water. Merry brought his sailing rig and skittered off. I rowed around taking pictures and looking for water birds.

messing about - 3

After a while though, I got jealous and insisted that we trade boats.

messing about - 4

But Merry wanted no part in rowing, he just sat in Terrapin doing what teenagers do best: nothing. Then I had an idea that would let both of us do what we wanted, together.

messing about - 5

I tied a rope to from Porpoise to Terrapin and soon had my teenager and my guideboat moving a long at two or three knots. Messing about with Merry was fun indeed.


5 thoughts on “Messing About with Merry

  1. Sounds like a good time. I like that you navigated the flood to get out into open water. So many other people would have balked at a possibly tougher and atypical access point.

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