Details Matter

sailing sketches - 4My long-time friend Thomas is a great creative mind. He draws and creates things prolifically and with a greater degree of detail, skill, and depth than anything that I can do. Still, I don’t feel any sense of competition with him; just inspiration. His drawings can be seen over at Mission Azul, and while sometimes less based in reality than mine, they still move me to want to improve my drawing skills.  

sailing sketches - 3

We recently had a conversation about making drawings, about lines, thickness, motion and detail. Since then I’ve been trying to get things cleaner, with a little more definition.

sailing sketches - 2

The colors on my scanner aren’t so good. The paper is really white. I swear.

sailing sketches - 1

But the details, the composition, the awful smears of watercolor wash are all mine. Preparing them for this post brings heightened consciousness about their forms. It helps me see what is working and glaringly, what isn’t.

They’re starting points for improvement, for remembering that details count.


  1. Sketches ad character to an article or post in a way that photos can’t always convey. They make the story a little more epic, since the reader is forced to inject a more of their own imagination to bridge the gap.

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