South Again

south - 1I admit it, I’m fascinated by the South Salish Sea. It’s not just that it’s closer than any other salt water site to my home. There’s something about its intimacy, its understated beauty, and its less developed shoreline that draws me back year after year.  There’s really no one spectacular thing about the South Salish. But if I had to sum it up in a few words, I’d say that I go for:

The Currents. It’s fun to play at the tidal gates, catch a ride, battle an adverse flow, watch harbor porpoises, see a log travel the opposite way in an eddy.


The Mud. The further north you go, the less of this stuff you’ll find. I don’t love the mud itself, but the creatures that live on and around the mud flats are strange and inspiring. Getting stuck in the mud is just one more game to enjoy.


The Quiet. I’m not saying there’s nobody down south, but I will say that there are simply less places to put in, less people, and less destinations, which really spreads out the crowd. Except in a narrows, you  don’t have to tangle with a lot of humans, which is exactly how I like it.




  1. Tomorrow afternoon, 06/25, the tide in Olympia floods from a -3.9′ to 16′. Makes me think of the mighty Hammersley and it’s fantastic outfalls. Tides like this come only on the Solstices and the South Sound is the place to be if you like running tidal currents.

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