Self(ish) Portraits

That camera remote control must be around here someplace… and don’t believe that my boat has a new shape- that’s just a weird camera lens. (off N. Pender Island)

This blog is all about me. There, I said it. They’re all my stories, sometimes about my friends. I tell the tales and I write what I want to.

But when it comes to photos, they’re mostly ones I take of others. Hardly anyone ever snaps one of me. So on a recent solo trip to Canada’s Gulf Islands, I decided to make a point of taking some photos of myself: fun, selfish, or selfie? 

self portraits - 3
I’ve sprouted an antennae by my right ear, so now I can listen to the weather radio continuously. (on D’Arcy Island)

Whatever you want to call it, taking your own picture is hard, especially if you want something that doesn’t involve mugging for the camera or running hard and trying to look calm, since you’ve only got a few seconds to pose before the shutter opens.

self portraits - 6
Dirty socks anyone? (near Moresby Island)

In this shot I’ve almost managed to get back to my seat in time to look like I’m steering the boat. Composition matters in any picture, but in a self portrait, the things that are wrong really stand out (for me at least). It wasn’t until I reviewed the pictures that I noticed the socks drying on the back deck, the drysuit on the floor that should have been properly stowed, and my right foot completing the last move in a Russian dance.

Nothing says good sailing trip like rain gear! (near Sidney Island)

I figured out how to operate the self timer on my camera and enjoyed using a Gorilla Pod (a tripod with prehensile legs). I even learned to run a GoPro camera via a tablet. Sort of. It definitely has a place on an expedition, I just haven’t figured out what that place is yet.

self portraits - 2
Lighting people, we need better lighting! And clean up that dang boat.

In the end, the photos I tried to take of myself seemed, if not selfish, intrusive. Setting the scene, arranging the equipment, checking the details, rushing back to my seat, all seemed more effort than it was worth. I preferred finding a bystander when I could, and hoping they knew something about taking a decent photo.

But going to Canada? It was entirely worth it.


2 thoughts on “Self(ish) Portraits

  1. Nice to see some snaps of the blogger in action! The little bit of clutter in the boat adds authenticity to the image – in my view, there’s nothing wrong seeing the real stuff. Thanks for sharing your peaceful adventures.

  2. For those selfish shots, I tend to use my GoPro on time lapse. I end up with a gazillion pics to trash, but I also get to sift through for the decent ones. I can set it up, push a button and go about whatever task is at hand and worry whether or not I got the pic later.

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