Island Art

archipelago - 1.jpg

I went to Canada’s Gulf Islands National Park Reserve in June to explore the edge. I didn’t make any big crossings. I didn’t push my limits. I just crept along the fringe of the land and sea. 

You can read a long-form essay about the trip over at Small Boats Monthly. (If you’re not yet a subscriber, this would be a good issue to start with.) Here I’m posting some things that weren’t really relevant to the boaty end of things, hence were not included in the story.

I was fascinated by the by the contrast of hard and soft.

gulf islands - 1.jpg

Of when the sand stops and the shoals become just water.

gulf islands - 7.jpg

I liked the islands for their sculptural form as much as I liked the water for sailing.

gulf islands - 5.jpg

I liked the contrast of dark and light.

gulf islands - 4.jpg

Of tan and lavender.

gulf islands - 6.jpg

And I never tired of green and blue.

gulf islands - 3.jpg

Nor of the evening light.

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