Ooh La La

Who’s up for a little French whipping?  A reader asked me to explain what was going with my stick. My tiller stick that is. He noticed is was a bit knotty.

Years ago, it was just a piece of varnished ash, but it kept grinding on the starboard gunwale, so I sewed a nice piece of marine leather on it. Aside from it being crooked, it was a good start. But on certain points of sail the stick was still rubbing: enter a scrap of nylon rope and an instructional video that’s a little too long, but is narrated with a charming accent:

That piece wasn’t long enough, so enter the next section, this time using a scrap of cotton clothesline. This is the best because you can do the French hitching as tight as you can, then soak it, let it dry/shrink and you’ve got a pretty snug, grippy, and cool looking place to put your hand and protect your varnish.

tiller - 1

It looks fancy, but the secret is that it is just a whole lot of half hitches.


    1. You people are really going to to goad me into making a bad pun. Just to show you I have a tiny bit of restraint, I’m just going to say no. There, I said it. No. 🙂

      1. Methinks thou dost protest too much (you did start this after all). However, we will resist trying to whip you into shape.

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