Product Review: Logs™

logs - 3

A fellow can squeeze only so many items into a small boat for an overnight trip. Art supplies, sleeping bags, adult beverages, and warm clothes take up the bulk of my available space. But on arrival at a campsite, important gear may still be missing.  Enter one of the best and most useful  items to the small boater: Logs.  

Logs come in just about every size and shape imaginable, and if we factor in smaller pieces of driftwood, the variety is endless. Useful for rolling your wooden boat up and down a gravelly beach, a few good Logs, will save your paint from the ravages of barnacles or sharp-edged rocks.

logs - 2

Is your boat too big to haul up the beach? Simply tie it off to a Big Log. Several different models are typically available for your perusal, from Mini to Mongo. You’ll feel perfectly safe leaving your child in a boat, once it’s safely tied off to one of them. The solidity and security provided by a Mongo Log  will make the rope tied to it feel flimsy in comparison.

logs - 4

Also handy in the camping area, Logswork well as seating and are the perfect back rest. Manage to squeeze that guitar in the boat, but not an extra chair? With a Log™, you’ll be serenading the shorebirds in style.

logs - 1 (1).jpgUnlike some brands, Logs are environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. After use, simply leave them on your local beach. Even wealthy, waterfront homeowners don’t get too bent out of shape about a pile of logs in front of their abode.

logs - 1

However, it’s on cold, drizzly afternoons that Logs find their  highest and best calling. Pile them up with some tinder, spark a match, and enjoy the comforting warmth of a glowing fire.

Logs are available in select locations throughout the Salish Sea and along the Lower Columbia River.


  1. I was worried there for a second that you had gone corporate on us. This certainly logged in some laughs fir me. I really Doug the mongo log. It was the anchor for the piece. We’ll have to cedar what you come up with next.

      1. Based on the responses so far, you are really on fire with this one. I am glad you are not barking up the wrong tree.

  2. I once attended a lecture by a woman who rowed from Alaska to Washington state and after one of her first day’s of rowing she tied up to a huge Log tm, set up her tent, and went to sleep only to awake later to no boat, no huge log, stranded… The Alaska version of Logs tm hasn’t worked out the bugs yet, it seems. They also have a reputation of running into boats, especially at night.

    Thanks for another fun post! It has kindled some warm memories.

    All the best, Scott

  3. hardy har har matey
    these posts are going a floo floo hazy
    you for sure gonna bump into a log
    blinded in this wordy fog
    I’m really incensed, cedere! that is a word from french class right?
    did you forget about pecker wood TM and dog hair TM?!
    log in and log out!

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