house - 1 (1)

I’m not a liveaboard. My house doesn’t float, it doesn’t overlook the water, nor does it look like any boat that I’ve ever seen, though it does have more small craft around it than any other in the neighborhood. There’s always one in the driveway. There’s usually one on the porch. And sometimes there’s one in the backyard too.  While some people would say that I’m boat obsessed, I haven’t intentionally tried to make my house boaty, unlike the guy who lives across the neighborhood with a large porthole in his front door. What I have noticed is that there are a lot of parallels between my house and a ship.

jib curtain - 1

For starters, I’m constantly trimming the sails, I mean curtains, to get just the right air flow coming in.

cabin - 1

My double berth has a little more headroom than on your average boat, but still, with those deck beams overhead, it feels a quite a bit like a cabin, rather than a bedroom.

ladder - 1

The ladder in my companionway is quite tall and while it doesn’t put you on deck, it does bring you to a loft with a nice overview of the neighborhood.

bilge - 1

And sadly, the house also has a bilge. Water sometimes pours in during the winter, but it never takes up and stops leaking. Thankfully, my sea boots work on the land as well as the sea.

When I haven’t actually been sailing in the water for a while, I pretend I’m sailing my house. It brings me a bit of daily joy imagining I’m afloat someplace.