Writers Need Readers

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Gumboot, gumboot, gumboot!

It’s been seven years and two hundred posts since Terrapin Tales was born in 2012. We’ve debated the pros and cons of a owning a sailboat, explored the merits of Mexican pastries, ridden bikes in the desert, and of course posted dozens of stories about small boat sailing and rowing.

Subjects relating to boats are definitively the most viewed posts, but there doesn’t appear to be any specific rationale for why some posts (art) are heavily viewed and others (Portland culture) languish in relative obscurity. What is clear is that roughly every two weeks, your humble writer posts some diatribe, tale of adventure, or photo essay and anywhere from a couple of dozen to a few hundred of you tune in.

As 2018 came to a close, I considered shutting down Terrapin Tales. I’m still as interested in writing and creating as ever, but I’m less enamored with the limitations of the digital format. I’m also feeling the need to stretch out and expand to broader subject matter. Sadly, I know that the average person, is more and more connected to the internet via smart phones.

Writers need readers though, and that creates an interesting paradox. I love the interaction that the web creates, even if I don’t love the medium. I get a level of satisfaction from seeing the number of people who read an article, regardless of whether they make a comment or not. Those numbers make me feel that I’ve made some contribution to the entertainment or possibly the greater good of my readers.

With all that said, I’ve decided to take a new approach to Terrapin Tales in 2019:
* New formats, including art and hand-drawn articles.
* A broader set of subject matter, with a greater focus on marine life and the environment (though I’ll try not to preach).
* No ads. I paid to banish them from the website.

Here’s what I’m asking of you dear readers:
1. Pass links to my stories on to your friends, post a link to Terrapin Tales on your website, and egad, share my info on Facebook or whatever social media realm you inhabit.
2. Make a comment, let me know that I’ve entertained, educated, or inspired you.

Happy New Year!



  1. I really enjoy your posts. Lots of them are inspirational, especially things like towing boats to the launch ramp with a bicycle, logs, catching a crab, boat games, sail and oar adventures, making things, sewing… I also would love to learn more about this watery environment we like to float in. I just read a book called “The Man Who Planted Trees” by Jim Robbins that opened up a neat new perspective on something I was used to. It mentioned new research on water and a book called “Water” and how water clumps and does unexpected things like it takes on properties of a substance added to it and then diluted out so there aren’t any molecules left of the substance in the water… There are some fascinating rabbit holes to explore! Thank you for your posts!On
    All the best, Scott

  2. With the increasing use of text, my email inbox has become quite quiet lately. I look forward to the periodic Terrapin Tales post. More hand drawn/lettered content and environment posts sounds great. cheers, Smitty

  3. Always enjoy your posts, but I don’t always have time to reply or much to add, as you’re likely quite a bit more experienced a boatman than I am. And, honestly, I’m kind of a crappy friend at times in that I get so caught up in my day-to-day BS that I don’t take enough time to correspond with people I find interesting. I apologize. I will make a better effort.

    1. “I don’t always have time to reply or much to add…” I think that’s the world we’re all often in. So busy, yet too tired to do the things we think are important sometimes. Glad you’re reading.

  4. I enjoy your writing, one thing i really like about blogging as a medium is the ease with which words and pictures mix to tell the story. A picture might well be worth a 1000 words but bunch of pictures with no backgriound doesn”t tell the tale. You have a good balance, I especially liked your piece about wheeling the boat to the water, which is something I do, lucky for me it”s only a couple of hundred yards, but people still stop, smile and talk.

    I’ve been writing for almost 10 years and frankly i don”t really care if people read it or not its something I enjoy, the fact that I get 1000 or more visits a week and a few very kind comments is just bonus.

    Keep writing I for one will be reading.


  5. Love this, Bruce! And I agree, it is satisfying to see how many folks are reading posts. More people should comment and share in order to spread good writing.

  6. Can’t tell how many times I’ve considered leaving the web,might even be in such a slump now. Doryman has garnered millions of hits, which used to thrill me.
    I read everything you write, as you probably know. You challenge me to think, but most of all, you are my friend and I’m interested in what you have to say. The same holds true for almost everyone on this comment list – all friends I’ve made on-line.We are a community who might have never connected otherwise.
    Over the years, I’ve learned you have very eclectic interests and would be enlightened by any new topic you should chose to share.

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