I tried something new this winter. Instead of giving grief to light-less bicyclists (as I reported in 2017), I made them a simple offer. Armed with dozens of basic head lights and tail lights, I approached people as I rode to and from work each morning or night.


I know you’re not surprised; people responded more positively to a pleasant offer than a judgemental question like, how come you don’t have any lights?


Sometimes people were still a little defensive, and I was still a little baffled about people’s self-preservation instincts.

Why did they think it was OK to ride around in the dark with black clothes and no lights?


Others were just baffled.


And a few people simply ignored me, the Rolling Do Gooder.  They didn’t need to fear, I wasn’t aiming to change the world, or frankly to even change habits. My opinion from the start was that if you’re dumb enough to ride without lights, you’re not likely to start because some guy gives you a pair.


But almost everyone accepted a pair. Several people even stopped to put them on.