We’re closing out book month with something that’s not quite a book. Then again, it’s not quite a magazine either…

If you love sailing, surfing, or being in the ocean, there’s a pretty good chance you are also a fan of the culture, lore, and natural history of the coast. I felt lucky when I discovered Hakai Magazine because it covers all of those things. It has a bent towards the Pacific NW and that makes it all the more attractive to me, but really, if you love the sea, this is the magazine for you.

In a given month, this free, on-line magazine may have fascinating articles and inspiring photos, about the secret lives of container ships, environmental troubles with nesting seabirds (apparently invasive mice are attacking them), amazing smacks (fancy word for groups) of jellyfish, and first nations management of plants or animals (I recently read about clam gardens and basket weaving).

Unlike some environmentally-focused journals, Hakai is a celebration of life instead of a rumination on all that we’ve lost. The writing is smart, though never dull. If you subscribe (click here), which I highly recommend, the editors send out a witty or thoughtful (but no navel-gazing) introduction to the week’s stories that will make you smile, roll your eyes, or think more deeply about the mysteries, science, and people that draw us back to the water time and time again.

What are you waiting for?