Irrational Fears?

bear - 1.jpg

Planning for a trip starts out fun for me. The more I construct the plan, the more I find things to worry about. Some of them are totally irrational. Then there are some that are rational, but still worry me. Seeing a bear sounds cool from the water. But what if the bear sees me?

What do you worry about?


  1. My trips aren’t quite as grand as yours. Most of my worries are man-made or man-related. I trust people a whole lot less than wildlife. Our bears are black, not brown, though. A fair bit less aggressive. We do have mountain lions, feral hogs and venomous snakes. The feral hogs and snakes are the only things I’ve had encounters with that really shook me. Had a handful of hogs come running after a dog, back down a trail in Arkansas and there was nowhere to duck for cover, as we were hiking 60 feet above a creek on a narrow bluff. Luckily the mother and her four juveniles turned tail after a brief squealing standoff and impasse. The 3′ copperhead snake I nearly stepped on during another trip, luckily was very sluggish due to a cool November morning. It was sunning on the trial I was hiking and I avoided stepping in the middle of its back by maybe two inches. Had I put my foot down, I might not be typing this.

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