Not Really Irrational

top view anchor bag - 1

The “Danforth” anchor has been my night watchmen for many¬† years. Its been a loyal friend accompanying me to Canada, the Lower Columbia, and to countless places in the Salish Sea. It grips in sand or mud, does OK in cobble, and may even work in weeds. But one place it doesn’t work right now is in my mind. Heading north to the Inside Passage means sleeping in anchorages that are filled with currents, that probably have more rock and less sand. And most importantly, I’ll likely be socked in by weather, waiting it out on the boat, thinking; thinking too much about what that anchor might be doing. With each turn of the tide, with currents moving in different directions, the anchor needs to be at its best, even when I’m not.

While trying to fall asleep, what I don’t want to be asking myself is: Will it reset? Will it hold? Will I end up drifting away in the night?

I’ve got no reason to distrust the old one and it may be irrational, but I couldn’t live with the doubts. No anchor is perfect, but I’m feeling positive about reviews from friends and after months of lamenting, bought a new Rocna, nine-pound model.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep.

anchor - 1



  1. Fear of dragging anchor, the inhibitor of sound sleep. I once had a GPS nav unit on a cruising sailboat that sounded an alarm if the boat’s position moved beyond a preset radius, which helped me sleep – and it made me think there may be something similar today for a smartphone, so I checked. Of course, there is. You may already be aware of the function. Wishing you peaceful anchorages.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I like the idea. I’m not sure if I’m going to use electronics- call me a purist or just practical. But then if I had them, I might just sleep better…

  2. My dad always had Danforths on our boats, as a kid. They were nearly perfect for where we lived and played in south Florida. On occasion, though, they’d hang up in coral and someone would have to swim the line down and free the anchor. That Rocna looks nice. Similar to the claw anchor I had on the Sea Pearl 21 I briefly owned.

  3. I ended up with a Mantus dingy anchor for my FatCat2 and it’s been great. Other then the fact my boat refuses to lie in one direction at anchor I’ve had no problem at all. Good sleep.

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