When You See Me

gorge fall 2017 - 6When you see me on the Inside Passage, I may look small. Right now, I feel small compared to the amount of stuff I’m trying to cram into the boat.

packing - 1

All this stuff, and more, will soon go into dry bags. Will soon get towed 400 miles north. Will soon take me on a big adventure.

when you see me - 1

Hopefully I will soon feel ready… Departure day is six days away.

If you see and my small boat full of stuff on the Passage, please do say hello.

I doubt I’ll update the blog during my cruise, but if you see something new here between now and late September, you can thank my wife. I can’t do it enough myself.


    1. Thanks. I’m more worried about sinking it right now. Packed all three weeks worth of food, gear for bad weather, and toys.

      I ran out of dry bags. I am scared to think of how much freeboard I’ll have left. ☺️

      Solution is to start eating stores right away!

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