Why Halloween Scares Me

halloween good - 1.jpg

My neighborhood is rife with plastic skeletons, tombstones, and¬†polypropylene cob webs right now. Strangely, piratical displays such as the one above are among the most popular. Even though I’m a boat guy and I used to collect Dia De Los Muertos figurines, I’m not impressed.

Besides lacking creativity, I don’t find the visuals scary or even amusing- it’s clear they all came out of a box. What frightens me though is all the plastic.

An informal web search says that Americans spend an estimated three billion dollars on Halloween junk each year. Let’s say that number is off by 50% and only a third of that is for plastic parts that end up in the landfill or the sea. That’s a lot. Sad, deadly, and preventable, most of us know that plastic is ringing the death knell for marine life.

If you love the oceans and the critters that live in there, perhaps you’ll consider playing a trick on junk food seeking children and take your $25.47 of that Halloween spending and give a treat to Algalita? They provide leadership, conduct education, and do policy work on marine plastic pollution.



  1. Bruce, that “thing” is about a block from my home – I walk the dog past it practically everyday. I don’t really get it….and where do you keep it the rest of the year??

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