Boats on My Mind

I’ve had this strange idea lately that I need another boat. One good for venturing farther and longer and under worse conditions, yet still capable of being kept at home.

The stranger thing though, is that the more I look at my crush list, the more I see images of other things. In some cases the designers themselves came up with names of what the boat looks like, in other cases, the image came to me as if in a dream.

Jewell is a pocket cruiser by Francois Vivier ( Absolutely charming and looking like a good sailor, something about the cabin on it reminds me of a submarine (

A slippery, slimy eel ( does look a tiny bit like John Garden’s Eel sailboat ( I had the chance to buy this boat a few years ago and now I have minor regrets about passing it up.

The Norwalk Island Sharpie looks really practical, if not a little boxy (pic from John H.) and if form follows function, it definitely says VW bus (

The black skimmer is one weird and fascinating bird ( that flies right over the surface with the lower beak in the water, snapping up fish. The Bolger design by the same name is also kinda weird, but oddly functional and currently for sale (

My Arctic tern boat (pic from Dale S.) and the actual Arctic tern ( are pretty slight compared to other birds and boats, yet both make epic journeys. The bird probably more than the boat, since it is know as one of the longest migrators in the bird kingdom, but who’s counting?

The last boat on my mind is the Chebacco. Depending on the construction they look pretty sleek or kinda like a loafer.  (Photo borrowed from NW School of Wooden Boat Building.)

No matter what, all these boats have the juice to take me way out there and I can hardly wait.


  1. I’m kinda partial to Vivier’s Seil 18 design, but his plans are Well outside the price range I can justify to my wife. He designs a pretty boat, though.

  2. It’s based on the historic river trade boats of the Loire River, I believe. I find the look of them equal parts odd and cool. The original boats are very basic, square rigged and planked. His design is a fair bit prettier.

    Vid of a historic vessel in use.

    1. Dang, now that is one bad ass camp cruiser. I only understood half of what the narrator was saying, but when the guy takes out the pole and pushes the boat against the current, I was sold.

  3. I really like how simple and rustic the boat is. In other videos and pics I saw on Facebook, following his page for some time during the voyage, he showed the cabin interior and a bunch more general adventuring.

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