New Angles

new look - 1

What are there new angles on a town that I think I know backwards and forwards? Are there hidden staircases or new passages into the unknown? And if there are, how do I find them? Can I see the city and perhaps myself in new ways?

I’ve been asking myself those questions a lot lately.

The answers seemed unlikely to come by starting at my computer screen or doodling at my desk, so I hopped on my bike and tried to avoid the normal places I ride. When possible, I ditched the bike route and turned on random streets. I rode on busy thoroughfares, instead of the quiet ones and I turned on the steep streets instead of the mellow ones.

new look - 2

I rode until I reached that awkward point when sweat was building on my torso while my toes were starting to get cold. Heading into a forested park, I ascended to a winding path which I usually avoid. It follows a monotonous but zen-like grade through firs and maples that never seem to change. There’s no particular vantage point nor destination. No progress seems made, the view fails to differ; much like my current life.

new look - 3

It was the perfect way to occupy my body without requiring much of the mind. By now my hands were cool too, but I didn’t mind. I just kept pedaling along and thinking.

As the trail came to an end, I was at the edge of town. I descended to a bridge over the river and saw downtown in the distance.

new look - 4

It was still the same city, the same grid, the same trees.

I realized what I already knew; the only thing that could change would be my approach to it.

1 Comment

  1. what does it all mean!?
    ivy looks frosty or is it the glare. are there bamboo shoots to eat?
    where are the deer and the bait fish swirling in the river?
    ride backwards and see what happens!

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