I mean Lower Columbia, not loco like crazy. Though if you own a small boat and don’t visit LoCo, you may be crazy. There’s always something to see, to like, to love. Here are my top five of a recent trip.

#5 Working, or sometimes working, waterfront. The devil like claw in the distance is part of a forestry operation and is used for moving logs from water to land. Its rusty red reminds me of a Japanese pagoda.

#4 Do it yourself. I love the ingenuity of people to make something out of nothing, like this amazingly simple Columbia River anchor. Good enough to keep your fishing boat from floating away.

#3 Here islands are not always islands. Look closely above. Notice anything interesting about this island?

Zooming in, the horizontal bands in this enhanced picture: timber. There’s a big old rectangular barge under all that vegetation. It doesn’t seem to float, but a barge it is.

#2 Pigs in party dresses and dreams are OK. These aren’t the San Juans. People here play out their dreams on a modest scale. There are project boats that would be unwelcome in any marina, spiffy working craft, and everything in between that floats. All interesting to look at.

#1 Getting lost. Even with a chart and GPS in hand, you can still get lost (intentionally or not). The backwaters are traveled, but not much. Enjoy some quality time with yourself.