Loving LoCo

I mean Lower Columbia, not loco like crazy. Though if you own a small boat and don’t visit LoCo, you may be crazy. There’s always something to see, to like, to love. Here are my top five of a recent trip.

#5 Working, or sometimes working, waterfront. The devil like claw in the distance is part of a forestry operation and is used for moving logs from water to land. Its rusty red reminds me of a Japanese pagoda.

#4 Do it yourself. I love the ingenuity of people to make something out of nothing, like this amazingly simple Columbia River anchor. Good enough to keep your fishing boat from floating away.

#3 Here islands are not always islands. Look closely above. Notice anything interesting about this island?

Zooming in, the horizontal bands in this enhanced picture: timber. There’s a big old rectangular barge under all that vegetation. It doesn’t seem to float, but a barge it is.

#2 Pigs in party dresses and dreams are OK. These aren’t the San Juans. People here play out their dreams on a modest scale. There are project boats that would be unwelcome in any marina, spiffy working craft, and everything in between that floats. All interesting to look at.

#1 Getting lost. Even with a chart and GPS in hand, you can still get lost (intentionally or not). The backwaters are traveled, but not much. Enjoy some quality time with yourself.


  1. Bruce, you keep proving the truth in one of literature’s most satisfying statements: “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” Grahame was right, and so are you. Thanks again for the blog posts.

    1. The Wind in the Willows is a really interesting and kind of odd book. There’s a fair bit of good stuff about boats in there, but most of the other quotable material isn’t widely shared for some reason.

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