Row Bird’s log.

I was recently looking at the log of Row Bird and thought of all the fintastic aquatic adventures I’ve had in the last year.

From taking my buoys out, to really seas-ing the day and getting on the water even under the most challenging conditions, its been a good year full of dolphins and watery activities.

Leapin’ dolphins!

Now some of you might be giving me stern looks right about now, but I assure you the my children really war ship me and love going out in all conditions. No weather we weathered would be considered an indecen-sea.

My buoy’s enthusiasm couldn’t be dampened by a little liquid sunshine.

My wife, who is a total ketch, was a bit of nervous wreck when we approached several slightly submerged boats on a summer outing. She just couldn’t fathom that they weren’t really that deep. I tried to get her mind off things by telling her that I’d brought along an onion-free lunch and there were no leeks in our boat.

User caption contest: add your pun in the comments section.

Still I mentioned that we were better off than the two boats I saw collide in the spring. There was a red paint boat and blue paint boat that crashed right into each other near a little rock island where they were marooned.

Someone (likely a damn beaver) lodged a complaint at Rooster Rock State Park’s dock.

If I’m anchored out in a cove near you, I hope you won’t harbor a grudge against me for telling all these puns because I’m knot done yet. 

I just go where I am towed.

Reading this may feel like an oar deal, but at least you don’t have to hear about the new sailor’s hat that I didn’t buy- why you ask? I was too worried about cap sizing.

Even commercial fishers are punny.

Speaking of shopping I resisted the urge to buy a coating of Ferro cement for Row Bird because I didn’t want her to be a hard ship. Still I hope yawl come back and see what’s going on in Terrapin Tales in 2021. Wood you be that kind? Or will you ditch me since you now know that I have no clew?