I miss going to to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Sadly, it was canceled again this year. It always felt like a fitting end to the boating year. But it wasn’t just the big boats, or the fascinating amount of personalization that people do to their craft that I miss.

Nor do I entirely miss the little boats, in their myriad designs, or wandering around inside the NW Maritime Center (they have a great library by the way). I certainly don’t miss the crowds of “looky-loos” as Tim calls the tourists and lubbers.

No, it’s the sailors. Hanging out with people in the cockpit, running my hand over a varnished spar, spinning tales, eating snacks, doing nothing at all but enjoying each other’s company. That’s definitely what I miss.

And until we can do that again, perhaps you’ll get a sense of what it’s like over at the Festival website where the good folks at the NW Maritime Center have made last year’s virtual festival available for free. (If you can, drop a few bucks in the kitty, yes?) The feature presentation about sailing Draken, a 100′ viking ship, across the Atlantic is the best!