Let’s face it, you need a totem. Sometimes you pick it, sometimes it picks you. For me, I know it is a sea creature. Which one would be hard for me to say, but it would definitely be weird. Although by all definitions, most sea creatures are…

If you live in a house or work in an office (remember the office?) where someone is always stealing your glass or your mug because they all look the same, then your totem needs to be on your vessel.

My friend Liz decided that my totem was an oarfish. Rarely seen by sailors or landsmen, these fantastically strange creatures can weigh 400 pounds and grow to about 25 feet long. (If you find one, you must hold it up with a few of your friends.)

Liz has distilled the essence of the oarfish into an oversized mug that graces my desk, day in, day out. Good for a huge cup of tea or a water glass that lasts me most of the day, I relish the oarfish. And when I must join a dreaded video meeting, you bet that I’m going hoist the mug for my colleagues to ogle.

Maybe you know your totem, but if you haven’t discovered it yet, perhaps you will over at Liz’s website, then you can be sure no one will take your mug again.