He’s built small craft, hiked the PCT, and sewed just about anything you can imagine. Together we’ve pedaled loaded touring bikes over snowy mountains, sailed a little boat through 25+ knot winds, and forded an icy stream half naked. Despite spending hundreds of hours in his presence, I still like hanging out with Andy Bike.

He displays a disarming friendliness and lures in friends like a lantern on a dark night. Andy is a can-do guy, always happiest when he’s busy. Being supremely generous, he’s often helping on somebody else’s project. Regardless, when Andy sets his mind on doing something, he’ll accomplish it.

Nearly ten years ago he transformed my living room into a sail loft. A few weeks later, voila- Row Bird sails!

And when I had the harebrained idea to do a nautical themed art show, who helped me make all of the frames and mounting materials?

Recently Andy started a bag company called Lord’s Luggage. It has a variety of canvas and duck-cloth bags to carry your stuff, with a focus on bicycles.

I wanted to help Andy out, so for Kate’s birthday, I commissioned him to make her a set of bike bags. I didn’t think you could excite a middle-aged woman with such a thing, but she was thrilled at how they fit snugly in her basket and were so easy to attach and release.

I like the colors and will confess to borrowing said bags on occasion. With the salty sister clips that stylishly and functionally seal the roll tops and a keen variety of (mostly) earth tone colors, they brought a smile to my face too.

We’ve been friends for ten years now; what projects and adventures the next ten will hold is hard to know, but one thing I can say for certain; Andy will be a part of it.