I am generally proud of my writing, and people have commented that they enjoy it too, so it came as a bit of blow to my ego when an article I wrote was turned down from Bikepacking.com.

I like Bikepacking because the writing there is descriptive, yet warm. There are technical articles, but they don’t overly dwell on the details- they remember that bicycling is about fun and is not a scientific endeavor. Finally, the photos are excellent. Their high-quality pictures convey a sense of the landscape, the characters involved in the adventure, and the reasons that riding a bike in unpaved territory is so rewarding. I respect that Bikepacking has enough of a sense of who they are as a website and a culture that they are confident enough to print pictures that don’t feature bicycles. They even have an occasional series called Rider’s Lens which is about photography and art- which strays into the artist’s view of the world, not just bikes. (I also think the site could stand some improvement, but that’s a topic for another article.)

After due consideration, I looked back on my submission and agreed that I could do better. The writing wasn’t bad, but maybe not my best. The pictures, well, they were a random collection and didn’t tell a cohesive story. Their rejection was just.

Still, I had a story to tell, and thanks to Vince’s provocation I reworked the article. I’ll dedicate the next two posts to a tale of a rolling walkabout in the Oregon Coast Range. Click here for part 1.