In the deep dark of winter, there comes a point where I just want to give up. Too cold to enjoy being outside, the days too short to go anywhere interesting, and keeping warm is just silly. But then a bit later, I’m walking through a different neighborhood and see a boat poking out from under a tarp.

I don’t know that guy, I think. I’ve got to come back and give him a flyer, find out his story, and get out on the water with him. Then I get a little hope, like maybe we’ll have a messabout and a bunch of people will come- maybe they’ll join the Portland Sail & Oar League!

If you haven’t clicked on the button above to join our silly club, maybe now is the time.

And if you want to know more about how we came to be, it all started back in my dinghy racing days. I was out on the river one day when it occurred to me that there was more to the Willamette than the familiar patch of water where our races were held. 

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