So, remember that boat I talked about in my last post? Yes, that cute, tubby, slightly larger boat? Well, it has a motor. Me and motors, we just don’t get along that well. But I’m working on that.

The idea that someone would want a motor is one that I’m still coming to terms with. Where I’m at right now, is that the motor is a temporary thing. It will be in place until I become a proficient sculler. The motor can hang on the transom if my wife wants to go sailing and is worried. The motor will someday go to someone else’s boat. Someone who likes noise and smoke and other things that involve oil and gas should have it. (Sorry Anton!)

There’s a whole article about my feelings about motors, grudging feelings, across the jump at 48 North. (Dennis, you should read it for sure.) That’s where I’m spending most of my writing energy these days. I think it reaches a broad audience, it can be had for free on paper, and the editors are good people.

Now a word about Terrapin Tales. I still love this antiquated blog. Other social media is faster, younger, flashier and perhaps attracts more humans. That’s fine. Long-form stories, a narrative, a collection of things is what I like. I assume if you’re reading this, you feel the same way. Less is more.

I’ve been lacking the time to write on here as much as I want. Too many projects, adventures, and other distractions are going on, but stay tuned, there’s more to come…