It’s always fascinating to get to know new people and to connect them to folks you already know. In 2022, I was lucky to spend time with filmmaker Rory Banyard. He has created a number of powerful films about culture, like the concentrations camps where the US government imprisoned our fellow citizens during WWII, as well as some amazing national parks, like the Great Basin. Rory and I met on the river some time ago, then lost touch. When I got an e-mail from him describing his amazing find (picture above), I almost instantly knew who could help him finish the boat.

Woodworker Bill Wessinger (check out his amazing sculptures) and I have been on a number of adventures together over the years, including paddling around several Cape Horns, this one on the Columbia River. He’s always been handy with wood and in the photo above he’s in a skin-on-frame kayak he made himself. Over the years I’ve enjoyed watching his confidence with tools grow.

It was fun to watch the two of them restore and complete an unfinished sail and oar vessel. You can read the whole tale across the jump at 48 North Sailing Magazine (web version) or in the more visually appealing flipbook version – select the January 2023 issue.

I can’t wait to get out on the water with both guys this summer.