I can’t believe it has been a whole year since I wrote an article about one of my favorite things about traveling: trading stuff with people for fun. Somehow, it never got posted here.

In the picture above I am being spoiled by some kind folks on a big boat deep in British Columbia. I didn’t mind helping them finish those prawns and drink their wine. Look carefully, can you spot Row Bird?

The article starts like this:

It’s hard to compete with a chicken — but I felt like I needed to after being invited for dinner aboard a sizable motor cruiser near Johnstone Strait. Having served a few drinks and an appetizer, my host turned to the oven (a luxury to me) and pulled out a roasted chicken. I was momentarily struck speechless. “Where did you get that?” I stammered.

Read the rest across the jump at 48N Sailing Magazine.

And once you’ve done that, tell me, what’s your best trade good?