While researching summer voyages, I stumbled on the blog, Jupiter’s Way. It has great pictures with an engaging and smart voice. Pop over there to find posts titled with literary allusions like Capes and Capabilities or NorthwestSide Story. There’s a dose of original poetry, “What a witless crab am I, a Dungeness in a dungeon, hauling up from mud to sky to be ended with a truncheon…” and quotes from great songs.

Fiona and Randy are devout locavores, always finding good things to eat, and they are nautical farmers growing their own miniature crops during their travels on the NW coast, often sharing recipes and fun word combinations like battalions and scallions together in one sentence.

The layouts are thoughtful, the stories transcend boating, and there are dictionary search words for me in most posts: internecine, terpsichorean, and most recently cimmerian have been researched, if not integrated into my vocabulary.

Team Jupiter is observant, noticing cool things like clam gardens:

Looking to experience the water from a different perspective? Check out Jupiter’s Way in the blogroll! (along with a few other new blogs)

(All photo credits to Fiona and Randy.)