Witches on the Water

witches on the water - 4

Soon after I brought in the morning paper, a big sucker hole opened in the clouds.  I didn’t believe the sun would long shine through that hole, not with solid rain in the forecast. I baked a batch of scones, drank some coffee, and contemplated the day ahead.  Continue reading “Witches on the Water”


Fall Finale

the crew - 1You get a little of everything in the South Salish Sea, but most of all you get solitude. There’s a lot of water down there and the people are few and far between. (Except for our crew of adventurers of course.)

My summer didn’t involve nearly as much time on the water as I’d hoped and as the equinox slid by, I was desperate to go on one more cruise.  Read the rest of the story across the jump at the Woodenboat Forum.

Product Review: Logs™

logs - 3

A fellow can squeeze only so many items into a small boat for an overnight trip. Art supplies, sleeping bags, adult beverages, and warm clothes take up the bulk of my available space. But on arrival at a campsite, important gear may still be missing.  Enter one of the best and most useful  items to the small boater: Logs.   Continue reading “Product Review: Logs™”